Current and Recent Projects

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Fan Di’an, Director of CAFA, Beijing, delivering opening speeech of Howard/Xing exhibition- Trade War Art , Ningbo Museum of Art, China, June 2018

F105 install

Trade War Art- installation of Ian Howard’s F105 Thunderchief rubbing

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Trade War Art- Xing Junqin’s amunitions box New Camouflage Series

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Trade War Art- site work, Ningbo Water Police Boat rubbing

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Trade War Art- installation of Ningbo Water Police Boat rubbing

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Trade War Art- Xing Junqin’s Cornucopier Raft in front of Ian Howard’s Ziggurrat 21C

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1950s British Nuclear Test Site, Maralinga Village, BL11 Ventilation and Filter Plant, site work, September 2018

Gallipoli to Gilgandra exhibition, Watters Gallery Sydney, February 2018

Boats at Sea, Life at Home exhibition, Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane, April 2017

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Installation of XV-6A Kestrel rubbing (forerunner to Harrier ‘jump jet') in WAR- A Playground Perspective,

Armory Gallery, Sydney, May 2016

Enola Gay B29- rubbing and fuel line clamp in Black Mist Burnt Country exhibition- S.H.Ervin Gallery, Sydney.  Black Mist Burnt Country curated by JD Mittman at Burrinja Cultural Centre. Touring nationally 2016-2019

Sovereign Borders Project- Observatoin Post, NORFORCE, Arnhem Sqn, Nhulunbuy N.T. site work, November 2015

Soldiers developed copy

Sovereign Borders Project- Observatoin Post, studio work 2016

Sovereign Borders Project- SRV, Arnhem Sqn, site work, November 2015

Sovereign Borders Project- Arnhem Sqn, site work, SRV at Maccassan Beach, November 2015

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Sovereign Borders Project- SRV rubbing, at Maccassan Beach, studio work, February 2016 

Sovereign Borders Project- AP-3C Orion A09-664, surveilance aircraft, RAAF Base Edinburgh, Adelaide, site work, June 2015

3.Engine props 2

Sovereign Borders Project- AP-3C Orion, site work, June 2015 

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Sovereign Borders Project- AP-3C Orion rubbing studio work 2016

Airforce article copy

Sovereign Borders Project- AP-3C Orion rubbing reported in Air Force News


Sovereign Borders Project- Armidale Class Patrol Boat, HMAS Albany at HMAS Coonawarra, Darwin, site work, May 2014 

Sovereign Borders Project- FFV rubbing site work at sea, May 2014

Navy News rubbingS

Sovereign Borders Project- Navy News Volume 57, No.11, June 19 2014

Vietnam’s Phantoms- exhibition Watters Gallery Sydney, October 2015 

Enola Gay B29- rubbing in Follow the Flag exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria, Ian Potter Centre, 2015

Thor Missile Blast WallSS

Thor Missile Blast Wall- ex RAF Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, site work, June 2014

Thor Blast Wall site workPS

Thor Missile Blast Wall- ex RAF Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, completed site work all surfaces, 3D rubbing

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