Writing about Ian Howard’s work

a selection….

Lines of Connection by Brigitta Olubas, Asian Art News, February 2014

Camouflage Cultures catADJS

Camouflage Cultures, authors -Ann Elias and Nicholas Tsoutas, Sydney University Press, 2013

PLA Magazine RubbingsADJS

Fine Art and Caligraphy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, 2013.1

The Art of War Betty CurchADJS

The Art of  War, author- Betty Churcher, AWM, SBS and Miegunyah Press, 2004

Artists in Action BettyCADJS

Artists in Action, editor- Lola Wilkins, Australian War Memorial , 2003

Intelligences cat

Intelligences of an Underground Man, author David McDowell, University of Tasmania 1989

Art And Aust Howard:MorADJW

Home Hearth and Holocaust, author Tim Moreall Art and Australia, Winter 1991

Tim Morell Big DrawingADJS

Big Drawings, author Tim Morell, Art And Australia, Autumn 1986

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