Walls Borders and Barriers


a selection….

1.Berlin Wall site

Berlin Wall site work 1974 (click here for more information) 

Berlin Wall rubbing 1974 National Gallery of Australia


Hadrian's Wall site work 1974

Ancient Walls of Derry Northern Ireland 1974

Derry site work

Ancient Walls of Derry site work 1974

Bogside boys079

Bogside youths assisting with site work 1974

4.Derry Wall exhibited

Ancient Walls of Derry exhibited work and documentation (clic pic)

Great Wall of China and Ancient Walls of Derry rubbings

Image 9 copy

Great Wall of China site work 2000

Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum Beijing 2000

From the Soil they Come- Xi'an International Drawing Project with Mike Esson, Xing Junqin and Wang Xu 2003

City Walls of Xi'an site work 2003 (clic pic)

From the Earth team

China-15 copy

China-05 copy

DSCN0738 copy - Version 2

IH 5 9 05 20 copy

7.Israeli Barrier site

Israeli Barrier, Palestine site work 2009

Black Line of Tasmania 1831 located across three sites

Bond StoreADJW

The Bondstore Hobart site work 2011

Orford shorelineADLW

Orford Shoreline site work 2011

Three Thumbs ForrestADJW

Three Thumbs Forrest site work 2011

Black LinesADJW

Black Lines, Tasmania 2011, exhibited art work

U.S. Mexican border fence site work 2011

Wagah Gate Lahore Pakistan

Wagah Gate Pakistan site work 2011 (clic pic)

Opening gate ceremonials 2011

Wagah TruckADJS

Waiting trucks site work with Abdullah Syed 2011

National CollegeADJS

National College of Art Lahore with Roohi Ahmed 2011

 DSC0231 copy 2

National College of Art Lahore site work 2011

Borderline Art 10 sites along the Yalu and Tumen Rivers separating China and Norht Korea

Delta fence siteADJW

Yalu River Delta fences site work 2012

Japanese Bridge Hekoucun site work 2012

4.Japanese Bridgre at HekoucunADJW copy

Japanese Bridge Hekoucun rubbing 2013

Chinese/North Korean border, Changbai Mountiain site work 2012

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